The TELEDAT/cdr Remote Polling System is a background system that provides for automatic polling of remote sources of CDR/SMDR, such as PBX's and Switches located offsite. The system runs as a background service and periodically (usually once a day) connects to the remote site and retrieves the available data. This data is then loaded into the standard TELEDAT/cdr tables and processed with the normal (collected live) Call Records from local PBX's. Each remote system is assigned a unique number and that number is recorded with the Call Record, providing a source trail for all collected CDR data.

Each remote site is equipped with a small Linux-based PC running TELEDAT's SmartCollector software. Running unattended, the SmartCollector system will transmit the available data to the primary site and will archive the transmitted data at the remote site, to guard against data loss. Periodically, the SmartCollector will delete archived CDR past a user-defined retention period, to prevent overfilling the storage media.

In the event the transmitted data is not received or only partially received, the primary site can request transmission of archived CDR data by date and time. This feature can also be used as a backup system for all PBX's in the system, including local Switches that provide live-collected CDR.

The TELEDAT/cdr Remote Polling System used in conjunction with the TELEDAT SmartCollector software, creates a CDR collection process that is fortified against network failure and immune to limitations of distance and access to remote sites.